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A dream came true! We had twin angels after waiting a long time.

First of all, thank you so much to the Universe for giving me the connection to The Secret book. It has helped us immensely to live a very happy life and to enjoy every moment.

I am truly grateful to the Universe for bringing twin angels into our lives after 9 years of marriage. I always believed from the bottom of my heart that God is great and we will be blessed. It is just waiting for the right time to come but the journey to reach the right time can be a little challenging.

My wife use to feel low sometimes because of social pressure. You can really relate to this if you know Indian culture. Indian society tries to help you but at the same time, they create pressure on you if, after a prolonged time, you don’t have the same things in comparison to your peers.

We got blessed by God with twins! We had twin angels after our 9th year of marriage! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

There was a lot of complexity on the way before we got to see the result of twin angels but it was really worth it. Thank you to the Universe! Thank you to God. Thank you to everyone who helped us on this journey, be it our family, our friends, our doctors, and everyone else. Thank you so very much for The Secret and the law of attraction.

Magic dust on all of you! I wish that you all get what you desire because you deserve to be blessed with what you want.

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A proud father of twin angels!

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