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I have written about a lot of things that have come into my life that were desired by me and the role The Secret has played in it. Right from my dreamy proposal, to a career that I truly love and getting married to the guy that I had dated for years.

Well, after I got married, life immediately turned around in the most negative way. I had to live with my in-laws after my wedding and all the dreams I had of my married life shattered in pieces. In fact, there was a time when I was so low in life that I had no money flow, no business, a shitty married life, and a lot of hate from everyone around me.

Imagine living the first 24 years in complete abundance and love and suddenly you marry the love of your life and then your life stoops this low. This was my condition.

My parents helped me a lot in these 2 years after my wedding. They tried to talk it out with my husband and in-laws multiple times to ensure a good environment for me emotionally and mentally. But they still continued to torture me even more. I started having anxiety attacks. They denied me going to the hospital when I was sick because of an infection. They did not let me and my husband go out, even on our anniversaries. We had to fight for the bare minimum.

Worse yet, most of the time even my husband didn’t support me. It was like he was under the complete control of his parents. They did not want me to meet my parents, and they wanted to take charge of my business and finances. They shouted at me all day, forget love, there was only hate. Every time that me and my husband would reconcile and come to good terms, my in-laws brainwashed him and always made him hate me more.

After 2 years of being married, I was put in a position where I had to make the decision. I had to make the decision to just let this relationship go.

Trust me, it took all my soul and heart to come to this decision. By this time, my husband had suddenly dropped the bomb on me saying, that he would be leaving the country and would not be taking me along with him for a year or two. I would have to stay with my parents and also, he said that he was not happy with me.

So I just felt, why should I still be married if I have to live with my parents and still be part of this relationship? Especially when there was no effort from the other side.

During these 2 years I tried everything. I practiced gratitude, I did affirmations and visualizations. I would pray, and use vision boards. You name it, I tried everything.

The one thing that I had not done was let it go. I was always attached to the outcome.

So finally after suffering so much, I just announced to my parents and the Universe that I no longer wanted to be in this kind of relationship where I am the only one putting in any effort and all I am getting is hate in return.

I decided to let it go.

At the same time, I put it out to the Universe about the kind of life I wanted. A life where I receive all the love, companionship, respect, trust, dignity, support, understanding, romance, and priority from my husband, family, and everyone around me. And, I would only be with those people who could give me these things and accept them in return. I wanted a life that was fulfilling every day.

Just when I had let go of the relationship, I don’t know what happened but everything suddenly changed.

My husband who had never tried or changed in these past 2 years suddenly realized everything I had been saying. He suddenly just understood and took action on everything his parents had done to me. Every torture, every insult, and all the disrespect they had shown me. He understood how his parents and sisters brainwashed him against me, and how our life was really good when there was no other interference.

He came back, apologized to my parents, dropped the idea of leaving the country, and literally made all the arrangements to give me the life that I deserved. He started and continued showering me with love, making the effort he used to make when we started dating. He started taking a stand for me against his family, maintained a good relationship with my parents, and is also now very mature and independent.

We are fulfilling all our dreams now, one by one with ease. We have just booked our international trip which will help us reconcile even more. We are just now focused on making every day of our lives better. It just makes so much sense now.

Always have faith in the Universe. The Universe will always deliver, and it will always deliver what is right for you at the right time.

Submitted by: Aditi


I am a firm believer in The Secret. Everything I have in my life is because of it. Professionally, I am an entrepreneur working in the field of learning and development.

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