Farrah Abraham SLAMS Matt Baier on Twitter: “He’s a Deadbeat!”

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It’s not often that we find ourselves in the position of agreeing with Farrah Abraham, but even a broken clock who constantly lies about everything is right twice a day.

For Farrah it’s more like twice a year, but you get the point.

As usual, Farrah was all over Twitter last night, and she took some time out from re-tweeting articles about an alleged rape that she later admitted she made up in order to throw some serious shade at Amber Portwood’s fiance, Matt Baier.

As you may have heard, Baier is being sued for child support by not one, not two, but five different baby mamas who claim he’s failed to provide for his sevenchildren.

There’s also a sixth woman who claims Baier has eight children, but she has yet to file suit. 

Simultaneously showing her support for the Baier’s exes and setting fire to her relationship with Portwood, Farrah retweeted an article about Matt’s legal drama, along with a caption reading:”I hope all these women are rewarded the support they deserve!! What a dead beat!!!!”Farrah attacks a lot of people online, but when she calls you out and people actually side with her, you know you’ve hit a new kind of rock bottom.Baier is basically at the center of the Earth at this point, and he’s probably hoping that if he hides out long enough this whole child support sitch will blow over.

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