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France Deports Imam Who Called The French Flag Satanic

france deports imam who called the french flag satanic

Tunisian Imam Mahjoub Mahjoubi has been deported from France.

He was deported over his controversial remarks about the French flag.

This is a significant move underscoring the nation’s stance on radicalism.

The decision, announced by Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, comes in the wake of a video that surfaced online, where Mahjoubi seemingly described the French flag as “satanic,” sparking widespread condemnation.

Mahjoubi, who has lived in France for 38 years and served as an imam in the southern town of Bagnols-sur-Cèze, faced immediate action under France’s tightened immigration reforms. These reforms have been designed to swiftly address and deport individuals making unacceptable public declarations against national symbols or engaging in hate speech.

The imam, however, has denied any wrongdoing, asserting that his comments were misconstrued and that he did not intend any disrespect towards the French flag or its values. Despite his denial, the French authorities proceeded with his deportation, highlighting their zero-tolerance policy towards radicalism and hate speech.

The imam also referred to ‘the Jewish people as the enemy’ and called for ‘the destruction of Western society’, the indictment said. 

Mahjoub Mahjoubi, who also runs a construction business, articulated that his controversial comment was an inadvertent mistake. He expressed his determination to return to France, emphasizing his four-decade-long residency and the critical dependency of his family on him, especially highlighting the grave situation of his youngest child, who is undergoing cancer treatment.

Mahjoubi outlined his legal strategy, stating, “My attorney will initiate legal proceedings in France. Should the initial verdict not be in my favour, I am prepared to take my case to the European Court of Human Rights.” He firmly denied any intention to disparage the Jewish community or the French flag.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin defended the deportation, asserting it as evidence of the effectiveness of recent immigration legislation in bolstering France’s security. He portrayed the law as a necessary measure to counteract the rising influence of far-right ideologies, emphasizing that stringent actions are warranted in such cases.

Darmanin’s critique labelled Mahjoubi as a ‘radical imam’ for his ‘unacceptable remarks,’ underscoring the government’s stance on maintaining public order.


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