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Nobody Cares About What You’re Going Through in Naija

Naija Nobody Cares About What Youre Going Through (via Primetweets)
Expressing his feelings, he highlighted the prevalence of selfishness and the absence of genuine empathy in society.


Nigerian actor Uzee Usman shares a message for Nigerians.


He reflects on the self-centered nature of people, indicating a lack of concern for others’ suffering.


Usman observes that in times of difficulty, individuals often endure their struggles alone while others only offer superficial displays of care.


He questions the authenticity of those who profess their support, prompting his audience to consider their own intentions.


Sharing on X, he writes: “In the end, nobody cares. Whatever you’re going through, you’re on your own. If you talk to someone, they exploit your problems. If you don’t, you suffer in silence. People pretend to care, but they really don’t. Do you?”



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