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PS5 vs Xbox: The truth about which console is more powerful

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As far as storage itself is concerned, it doesn’t really look like there’s a clear winner. Instead, there are two totally different approaches being taken by both Sony and Microsoft. Each will have its pros and cons, no doubt. Which is better, though, will come down to personal preference.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 will come ready-to-go with an ultra-fast 825 GB solid state drive. Should you decide you want more room, you can add an M.2 NVMe drive to your PS5, provided it meets Sony’s specifications. The Xbox Series X, meanwhile, comes with a 1 TB solid state drive. That’s more space at the start, but if you want to expand, you’ll need to purchase a proprietary storage card from Microsoft.

Both systems, at the very least, allow you to use a traditional USB external drive to store next-gen games so you can transfer them to internal storage when you want to play them. And both systems will also let you play last-gen titles straight from those external drives.

At this point, though, it’s tough to say who is making the smarter decision. Larger M.2 solid state drives are expensive. It’s likely Microsoft’s storage cards will be expensive, too. You’ll have to wait until both consoles launch before you can render a final verdict on which approach is better.

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