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Singer, Simi Discusses Impact Of Motherhood On Music, Marriage


Simisola Kosoko, the famous Nigerian singer-songwriter, who is popularly known as Simi has spoken on how motherhood impacted her life and marriage.

In an interview with CNN’s African Voices, released on Saturday, Simi said that it was a transformative experience becoming a mother.

Simi said: “Yeah, intensely. I remember saying that I felt like the woman that I was the day I gave birth was very different from the woman I was the day before.

“Until you see this human being that you’re now suddenly completely responsible for and you have to make choices about, you don’t really understand the gravity of that situation.”

“It has definitely changed my life in so many ways. As a woman, as a person, as an artist, as a friend, as different things, as a wife even.”

While acknowledging the challenges and compromises that come with this new role, she expressed gratitude for her supportive husband, saying: “It definitely helps that I have a supportive husband where I don’t feel like I have to do it all by myself.”

In 2019, Simi married fellow musician Adekunle Gold. Inq 2020, the couple welcomed their daughter, Adejare.

Reflecting on her relationship with Adekunle Gold and how she got married to him, Simi said: “Yeah, I get the irony. And I guess that was also part of the challenge. I didn’t know he was trying to be a singer. I actually made the choice. I said I could never date someone in the industry.”

However, their shared passion for music has strengthened their bond. “We’re both very respectful of each other’s craft, and we also respect each other’s opinions. I think it’s important to also set boundaries because work is work, you know what I mean? And I think we’ve been able to do very good with that as well,” Simi shared.

Advising aspiring artists, Simi acknowledged the increasing competition, saying, “The climate has changed. There’s so many musicians out there now, talented and otherwise.

“I would say make sure you love this because it takes a lot out of you,” she advised.

Simi further stressed the need for unwavering focus and determination.

“You have to stay focused on whatever your dream is and keep on pushing because that’s all you can do.”


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