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The untold truth of Ninja’s brothers

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In May 2018, Chris announced his wedding with Julia on Instagram. “Getting married in an hour and a half!!” he wrote. The post showed him with one of his groomsmen, undoubtedly anxious about the life-changing moment he was about to experience. The wedding reportedly went off without a hitch, and both Julia and Chris managed to share some beautiful shots from the event afterward.

As far as Julia’s career goes, she’s a nurse. In one Twitter post, she expressed pride in being a part of the nursing community. In another post, she filled her followers in on what life was like working during the COVID-19 pandemic — and how Chris had her back through it all.

“Today, I had six patients,” she said. “I was busy non-stop for thirteen hours straight, did not get to break for lunch, and had my first sip of water at 630 PM. Taking my post-work shower and my husband hands me a beer over the top, unsolicited.”

If anything is true love, it’s that.

Chris and Julia also have a corgi dog named Oliver, who is apparently a big enough star to have his own Instagram page. Is Oliver photogenic? Yes. All evidence seems to suggest he may not be the best roommate, though.

“Made my first Screencastify for my physics students to explain the virtual lab tomorrow and Oliver LITERALLY barked during the entire recording,” Chris wrote on Twitter.

No treats for you, Oliver.

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