US-Based Man Cries Out as Uncle Uses Millions Sent Home for A Building Project to marry a second Wife

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The Nigerian man residing in the United States expressed his anguish as he recounted how his uncle misused the substantial amount of money he had been sending back home for a construction project to marry a second wife.

While he was abroad, he diligently sent funds to his uncle to assist in building a house.

The man shared that his uncle would send him pictures of the supposed construction progress, unaware that no actual building work was being done.

To his dismay, he later discovered that his uncle had been deceiving him all along.

The man disclosed that his uncle had squandered the money on a lavish lifestyle and marrying a second wife.

Despite the betrayal, the uncle justified his actions by pointing out that the man should not complain since he is more financially stable in America.

Watch the video below:

Reacting to the post:

@thatabujagirl said: “Nigerians think abroad money is easy money. They believe once they have a friend or relations abroad they are made for life.

My neighbour in Makurdi who have all her children abroad escaped two kidnapped attempts. They see her as a very good target because of her children.”

@Uyotistic_Uyota said: “Beware of such uncle please. He could do even worse for your own money.”

@PetersLightt said: “Person wey you suppose arrest, lmao.

Don’t be sentimental when it comes to business, if your family hasn’t shown capacity to handle money, why entrust them with money for a project that you won’t be there to supervise?

Get an actual professional, so that when the person messes up or defrauds you, you’ll deal with them ruthlessly and no one would come to beg you.”

@heisG3orge said: “That’s why most people based abroad say you shouldn’t give money to family members in Africa…but I don’t believe it sha, it depends on the kind family wey you get”


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