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BUZZ: Drake only wants ‘fancy s–t’ and ‘custom’ 46G bras as gifts from fans

BUZZ: Drake only wants ‘fancy s–t’ and ‘custom’ 46G bras as gifts from fans

Drake performed his last New York gig at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday — and had to sort through all the gifts his fans threw onstage, including a woman’s “custom order” bra.

The gobsmacked rapper couldn’t stop gawking at the undergarment while performing with special guest 21 Savage.

He kept looking at the bra’s tag and remarked, “I know it’s the real 46G.”

“It’s gotta be a custom order. They make that s–t in Switzerland,” he said.

He was so impressed with the size that he invited the woman who threw it to his hometown.

A fan tossed a size 46G bra onstage at Drake’s concert.
Drake, 21 Savage
Drake and 21 Savage performed a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden.

“You’re from Toronto now,” he insisted. “We have to bring you back home… put that in the hall of fame,” he said.

He wasn’t so appreciative of the other stuff his fans tossed his way.

“I don’t need wired headphones. They make AirPods now,” he told one fan who threw the antiquated earpieces.

The rapper celebrated his last night at MSG by taking shots during the show.
Getty Images

“Thank you for the gifts, but buy me some fancy s–t, or have 46G,” Drake announced.

There was one gift the rapper had to return immediately. “You’re gonna need your license back to get home,” he told one concertgoer.

Drake also politely asked the crowd if he could take a shot of booze because, “I’m getting f–ked up tonight!”

“It’s my last night in New York!” he said.


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