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BUZZ: Tom Sandoval Continues to Party Despite Learning of Ariana Madix’s Grandmother’s Passing on ‘Vanderpump Rules’

BUZZ: Tom Sandoval Continues to Party Despite Learning of Ariana Madix's Grandmother's Passing on 'Vanderpump Rules'

Ariana Madix confronted Tom Sandoval on Wednesday’s episode of “Vanderpump Rules” over his decision to stay at a party instead of going home to comfort her after learning about her grandmother’s death. Lala Kent pulled Madix aside at an event and told her that Sandoval opted to stay at a Labor Day bash, despite finding out his then-girlfriend’s grandmother had passed away. Madix called Sandoval over to ask him about Kent’s revelation, which was different from what he initially told her.

“I found out that my grandma died while you were there — you knew about that and then Jason (Sandoval’s ride home) said, ‘I’m gonna leave,’ and then you said, ‘I’m gonna stay?’” Madix asked the bar owner.

Sandoval stumbled over his words while trying to explain his lie. He previously claimed to Madix that Jason — who had agreed to drive him home — left the party without telling him. However, Kent — who was also at the barbecue — called the Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman out, saying that she personally saw Jason tell him that he was leaving the bash.

“Well yeah, I kind of figured that you’d wanna be alone,” Sandoval, 40, said after getting caught in the lie. He told the “Dead Want Women” actress that he thought she wanted to be alone at that moment. Madix continued questioning Sandoval, who also claimed that he couldn’t get a ride home.

The Something About Her co-owner, 37, explained in a confessional that the situation was difficult for her to understand because he was there for her when her dad died a few years ago. In a confessional, Madix said it feels like Sandoval “just doesn’t think I’m as important anymore.” She added that now, nearly nine years into their relationship, it “feels like maybe he just doesn’t think I’m as important anymore.”

Unfortunately, Madix’s intuition ended up being correct, as Sandoval had been having a full-on affair with their close friend and co-star Raquel Leviss for months. Madix didn’t learn of the affair until months later, when she found a sexually


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