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Today I want to share with you my recent success. I am very happy right now because I am actually with him, my lovely boyfriend. My boyfriend’s name is M, he is 30 years old with beautiful eyes and a very nice smile. When I saw him for the first time, I was like, wow! What a nice guy. Our love story ended in cheating after an unprecedented three-month affair.

A whole year has passed since then and we have both recovered on a psychological and physical level. We have now reconnected and now we are very happy together. At first, we had a very simple conversation to make peace with each other. But then my beloved boyfriend very boldly offered to meet with me again. We understood the value of just meeting in the moment rather than waiting to meet each other for a long time. What M spoke to me was incredibly powerful and magical. He expressed himself succinctly and clearly, saying, “I understand your value and loyalty,” and I accepted it. So we came to an understanding and reconciled.

The feeling of being together now is just amazing. My left hand holding his right hand and lying side by side. Sleeping together and waking up together. I am happy in the sense of feeling really beautiful and laughing all the time. Our happiness is amazing. He is a wonderful partner who loves me and makes me happy. I am very grateful for this amazing love story.

Thank you, Universe.

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Today I want to share my success.

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