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Thank you, Shiva, for your higher guidance. Thank you to Rhonda and everyone who shares inspiring stories every day across the world. Love to you all!

I’m 19 years old. I’ve been practicing the law of attraction even before I knew it. I’ve always been my father’s little princess. I’ve always had everything I ever wanted, whether big or small. I’ve always been thankful for finding joy in every small and big thing that has brought joy to my life. Growing up, I was brought up with a silver spoon in my mouth. I never had any trouble whatsoever, but until a few years ago, everything fell apart.

Due to many circumstances, my parent’s marriage was on the rocks, and my brother, who studied abroad, had his own tantrums going on every day. My relationship with this guy I’ve been with for the last two years was going down the drain. My grades were going down, the family issue at home was putting much more pressure, and my relationship with the guy I genuinely loved was on the verge of breakup. I tried everything but what I did the most was attracting more of the same thing. I used to wake up every day thinking I was being positive back then, praying to god that I didn’t want more fights with my parents, how I didn’t want my brother to nag, and how I didn’t want this and that. And it got even worse. By the next year my boyfriend dumped me and moved on. My parents were planning to separate, and the relationship between my brother and my parents was going downhill.

That’s when I sourced my power from Shiva, and I made it through thinking positively about the life I wanted. I saw myself being happy with my bae. I pictured a life where my parents were happy and together, and so much in love, and my brother could keep up with my family. By this time, it was March, and everything started falling into place.

I’m just summarizing my story on how hard it was for me. Even though it didn’t look like much stress, emotionally, I was very down; I had thoughts about taking my life at one point because I was so alone. Even though I had everything, I still had nothing. I remember going to school without any sleep and with puffy eyes. I lost my appetite, and I was very depressed; I didn’t care about anything on earth, and I lost the passion that I had for life.

Now, whenever negativity creeps me out, I watch The Secret movie.
It’s been a year since I restored what I once lost, and when I look back, I see myself in the position I am right now because I pictured myself there. I saw myself here, and I did not let any distractions stop me. I sought guidance and support from Shiva to be next to me with every step, and I trusted him.

Talking about my relationship, my bae and I’ve been through almost everything. We have broken up a lot and even recently we did for couple months. I took those two months to restore myself, i was working out, learning new beauty tricks and everything or anything to enhance my beauty inside and out.

Thank you, Universe and everyone, for your inspiring stories here that helped me make it through. I held on to them and made it through the storm. I hope that whoever is reading this and whatever you’re going through, you make it through everything, and I genuinely wish that from the bottom of my heart.

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