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This story is about how I got my sweetheart back. My sweetheart is my pet parrot.

Yesterday my parrot flew away and I was so shocked! He was like our little baby and we loved him so much. We had rescued him four months ago and he was our sweetheart. Me and my mother cried so much for him that our eyes swelled up and I got a fever. But we did not lose hope. We prayed for him, we prayed that he is very safe and we prayed that God would bring him back to us.

The next morning, which means today, in the morning, we woke up. Then we again prayed for his safe return to us. I was getting a feeling that somehow he was going to come back today.

At 12 pm, me and my mother went to the terrace to check to see if we could find him nearby. Thankfully and magically, he was right there in front of our eyes!!! I thought that I was dreaming but I wasn’t!! He was on the terrace next to my house. I took a chair and climbed to the next terrace and caught him in my hands. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I gave him so many kisses and so much love. Me and my mother cried so much that he got wet with our tears. We brought him back to the house home and gave him some food and water. I still could not believe that he is in front of my eyes! Right now he is sleeping on my lap and I am cuddling him.

Thank you so very much to God and to the Universe! Thank you so very much for The Secret Super App. Thank you that my sweetheart is back to me safely.

Submitted by: KANISHKA

Delhi, India

I am a student in school and a believer in The Secret.

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