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I started reading The Secret in 2016 when I was at University.
That was when I fell in love with “gratitude”. I started counting my blessings every day and writing my dreams in my journal. But the best part of the journey was when I started practicing “love” in every aspect of my life. Doing that has changed my life 180 degrees. I was a victim of bullying, I was poor, living with insecurities and unhealthy relationships. Then suddenly everything changed. I found a very loving man, started my real estate business, and traveled to my favorite places.

Now, I am living my dream life and it is all because of the love that started when I started counting my blessings! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Submitted by: Emily Adamiv

Bali Indonesia

I was a victim of bullying in 2018, a very simple girl from village. Then I started to manifest my dream life. Now I am a young real estate entrepreneur and have a very beautiful relationship with my Ukrainian guy.

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