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I wanted to thank Rhonda and The Secret team for all the effort they make to share the ideas that help people live the lives they want!

I had started using The Secret about four years ago, when I had issues with my health. I learned to restructure my thoughts to think more positive and to not worry about the negative. I was that person that worried about getting sick or feeling unwell, and then I would find that to become my reality. But watching The Secret movie really changed my view on life. I realized how much control I actually had over my own life.

I eventually began to use the law of attraction for my love life. It was difficult to be consistent, and looking back, I am not sure how ready I was internally to have a serious relationship. At the start of this year, I met a man that I was with for over four months. Although it was not long, I had learned and experienced a great deal. When we broke up the first time, I decided to focus on myself and be grateful for everything that relationship gave me. He ended up coming back to me in one month, telling me he wanted to try again and that he had made a mistake. We tried, but it didn’t work. I knew it wasn’t me as he had too many commitment problems. But I cared about him so much that I knew I would regret if I did not try again.

Before and after we broke up for good, I kept focusing on all the reasons I was grateful for him and how I would want things to be better in the relationship. Reading The Magic, helped me to focus on that gratitude. After we broke up the second time, I knew I had to emotionally let him go in order to find happiness. I continued to be grateful and open to new opportunities. I used a journal to write down what I was grateful for. I was back on a dating site, where I had met the guy from the last relationship.

Within a week of the breakup, I met someone else! I knew it was the work of the law of attraction. He is everything the other guy was not. He is attentive, relationship oriented, and much more stable in his life. He shows me how much he cares with actions, not just words. I love being with him and I can see the future more clear with him! He is showing me what a healthy relationship is all about!

The Universe works in mysterious ways. While I was grateful for one relationship, it brought me a better and healthier one. I believe some people are meant to come into your life and change you for the better. And that is what my last relationship did, it got me ready for this one.

Two days ago, the guy I met asked me to officially date each other, after three weeks since we first met! We both got rid of our online dating profiles and are looking forward to the growth of our relationship. It is clear that he is open to commitment, which is what I was determined to find. A man who wants to build a life together with me!

Continue to be grateful for the things and experiences you have. The Universe will bring you more experiences and things that you desire and that you need to grow as a person! I try to be grateful for three things each day, it’s so easy and has so many rewards!

Submitted by: Dana G

New Jersey, USA

A grateful young woman who is enjoying the gifts of the Universe.

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