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A Near-Death Experience: Crayon’s Struggle with Health Issues

Crayon reveals he almost lost his life.webp (via Primetweets)

Nigerian musician Crayon recently opened up about his harrowing experience with health challenges that almost cost him his life.

Despite his constant musical output, Crayon shared on a show called “Drip Check” how he grappled with depression in 2020 due to a lack of recognition for his work.

The Mavin artist disclosed that in 2022, he faced a life-threatening situation but managed to make a remarkable recovery.

Crayon reveals he almost lost his life
Crayon, Nigerian singer

Reflecting on his struggles, Crayon stated, “2020 was one of my darkest years in the game. I dropped about seven songs and no one gained traction. I remember when I dropped ‘Gbona,’ it was about to take off then COVID-19 struck and everything shut down. And ‘Gbona’ was a club banger. I dropped the video, but it still didn’t pick up. I was dropping songs biweekly.

“I had a breakdown in early 2022. People don’t come back from that sh*t, me standing right here now is a miracle. I almost lost my life,” he added.


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